UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Alpha version coming soon.


ADHD Tools

Never Lose Track Of Time Again

Finally, a prescription-strength reminder system.

Designed for Time Blindness

People with weak Executive Functions often experience time blindness, or an inability to plan for and keep in mind future events. They also have difficulty stringing together actions to meet long-term goals. This is not an attention problem in the present tense, but rather a sustained attention problem.

Never Late Again

Struggle to leave early enough? Minder calculates your travel and preparation time, providing an insistent reminder - so you never again leave home 25 minutes prior to your appointment that's 25 minutes away.

notebook planning

Only Plan when you feel like it

Tell Minder what you want to accomplish, and it will suggest the best things to do in the current moment, at the current place, with your current energy level.


Time Tracking done for you

Look back on your day, your week, or your life - and see exactly what you were doing at what time. Minder tracks your time not just from your assignments, but your location, steps, and device activity.


Break up huge tasks into work chunks & Breaks

Minder sets your Do Not Disturb mode when you're doing deep work, to keep away focus-wrecking distractions for a chunk of time. Then lets you know when it's time for a movement break - the chunking is automatic!

These tools are too separate...

To-Do Apps

Great for jotting down items in your head quickly, not so great for seeing what's time-consuming and what's not.

Calendar Apps

Great for fixed-time events and meetings, not so great for everything else you do. Is all that white space free time?

Time Trackers

Great for short-term experiments to see where your time went in a day. Long-term, without automatic tracking, good luck...

Habit Trackers

You've got daily goals and tracking them is a great start. But does it know the best time to remind you when your schedule changes?

Be Realistic With Your Time

You may think you can tackle that assignment in an hour, but Minder knows from the last 6 times you tracked it on your watch, you’ve never done it in less than 2 hours.

Works Even When Your Internet Doesn't


No servers are required to use Minder - it works entirely offline and syncs up seamlessly later. Great for intermittent connections.

Peer to Peer Sync

Watch your data sync in real time between your phones, smartwatches, and computers on your network - even without internet.


Your data is replicated to all your devices, so if you lose one, you have backups - no server needed.

No Loading

Loading spinners are only there because apps don't know when the data will arrive. With offline sync, everything is already loaded in advance!

Being Built Right Now

Minder is under active development and will soon see a private Alpha release.

Get notified at launch

Get a text message when Minder is ready to test!